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7 simple ways to effectively cool your baby off
InläggPostat: 2021-03-24 09:02:29 Svara med citat

Day by day, the weather in our house is getting more and more hot every day, adults like us still complain this much. Our subordinates would be as hot as us as well. Today we have tips for joker slot cooling the baby to tell more. Which will have what it is Let's go see

1. Take a bath and play with water
Starting the day should give your little one a refreshing bath. He will feel euphoric and happy early in the morning. Finish off with a sprinkle of powder on your child's skin or add extra rounds of water to recharge during the afternoons and evenings to keep him looking fresh all day.

2. Avoid hot food. And drink a lot of water
In hot weather, stay away from foods like boiled rice broth, as the heat of the food can easily turn around in your child's body and lead to an upset. More importantly, you should keep your child sipping water throughout the day. To replace the lost part of the sweat during the day.

3. Turn on the fan and air conditioner to cool off.
Try to find the coolest corner of the house for your child to stay. If it's not cold enough, turn on a fan or an air conditioner.If your home doesn't have an air conditioner, try putting a bowl of ice in front of the fan so that the cool air is blown along with the wind to help keep it cool.

4.Wear sheer clothing
You should choose clothes that are suitable for the weather that can absorb sweat. And good ventilation To make your child feel comfortable all day long

5. Take your child to a place that is cool and comfortable.
On hot holidays, you should plan to take your child to something like a supermarket. Or a different air location near the house considered to take the child out to do various activities Ready to relax in the body

6. Wipe with a cloth in cold water clothes.
If the weather is especially hot It may take a cloth moistened with cold water and wipe the baby's body. This will help your child feel more relaxed and comfortable.

7. Eat herbal juice. Or any juicy fruit
Eating these foods will help quench the heat better. Try giving your child pea, lemon or chrysanthemum juice to help cool the body during the day. Followed by a snack with cool juicy fruit such as watermelon, rambutan, to add freshness. Some days, you may even freeze canned fruit, as your child may enjoy the sweetness against the cold.

In addition to the methods above, you should avoid exposing your child to the sun outside. If necessary, wear a hat. And spread an umbrella for the child And do not forget to pay close attention to the environment both outside Both inside the house as well Where you can find trees to plant around the house to provide shade to absorb heat. Help to make the house cooler and make your child happily stay at home.

7 simple ways to effectively cool your baby off
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