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Tips to create Employee Experience business cogs Driving...
InläggPostat: 2021-03-08 02:28:19 Svara med citat

Tips to create Employee Experience business cogs Driving the new organization

Building a good Employee Experience in the organization. It began to be talked about and has been used as a key strategy to optimize the operations of the organization.

Especially on the day of the COVID-19 crisis Coming in as an accelerating factor Changed the global working model in just a few months. This can be seen from the role of technology that helped support businesses through the crisis, allowing employees and organizations to become accustomed to using technology. Link to work remotely (Remote Working) to be able to work efficiently. Without the need to sit in the office all the time Until becoming a new working trend (New Working Tend), these things all result in organizations ranging from large sizes. As small as SMEs began to look for ways to connect employees and organizations. To be able to drive through the new and old crisis without limitations in the 4.0 era, however, the successful business operation It does not start with the best investment readiness and technology selection. But having to start with "people" which is the key And the most important resource in the organization itself

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“Employee Experience is a great experience. Increase employee participation in the organization Create corporate engagement and make employees feel a part of the organization. To being a joint organization owner Therefore, Employee Experience building strategy is a crucial piece of the puzzle that drives new ways Especially in an age when the organization employs various generations It is important to recognize and understand the needs of all employee groups, from Baby Boomers to Millenials and GenZs, is important. Not less than understanding And create a good customer experience by creating a successful Employee Experience must focus on Both create happiness and good quality of life for employees. In addition, employees are encouraged to develop their potential in terms of working skills and other skills as well. ”Ms. Kasama Jetjarungwong Said co-founder and managing director of Almond Digital Group, a Thai startup, an innovation development service provider.

From the study of Quatrix On the trend of employee experience in 2020 from 14 countries around the world, it was found that Thai employees' commitment to the organization is 72% higher than the global average and is the second highest indicating that at present. Many organizations in Thailand began to gradually adjust. Ready to listen to opinions And needs of employees And it has taken action to create a balance and relationship between employees and the organization. With the idea that every employee in the organization is the key backlash To bring the organization forward

At present, many organizations in Thailand Are facing a variety of factors that contribute to the change Both the emergence of disruption technology And the spread of COVID-19. That all change the way of working Whether it is a policy for employees to work from home or work from home, they can work remotely, flexibly and without restrictions on the workplace. Which is considered a challenging problem And causing many organizations to accelerate their focus on the restructuring of their operations To be able to maintain the employee experience in all dimensions And support the development of career potential for employees as well.

Mr.Sarach Kitnijchiva, SME Business Lead from Microsoft, defines Microsoft's traditional Employee Experience as 'Work is Happy'. Of course, everyone's happiness is different. Some people may be happy to work out and meet friends. Some people may be happy with their own development. Being in an environment that promotes learning new things or in some people as they get older The definition of happiness has changed. There may be a matter of time and security involved.

“Many companies still have the misconception of Employee Experience, which Microsoft always communicates: It starts with People first, then Process and ends with Technology. Therefore, the success will be more or less dependent on how the company sets the goals and objectives of the business transformation. In which the company will be able to determine the matter Employees in the organization must be able to work in the most authentic self, regardless of gender, age, and experience. Listening and understanding the differences of each employee It is an opportunity for employees to express their creativity and show their full potential. What follows is the quality productivity that meets today's market needs. "

“Microsoft takes diversity very seriously because of its employees. Coming from many countries such as Singapore, China, Europe and America Let's work together in the Thailand office. Each employee has different communication skills. Some people are good at communicating through chat. Some people are good at communicating through email and some people like face-to-face communication. It can bring all kinds of technology like Microsoft 365, a communications-centric platform, into one platform. To help empower employees And create an organizational culture (Culture) to bring technology as a tool Give employees more opportunities to express their opinions. AssistMe also added a chatbot for organizations. Developed by the Almond Digital group that acts as an assistant to answer various problems, press in and out of work, report absence, late leave, report problems in the office, end in one app. Help with accessibility And analyze information within the company more easily Enabling employees to communicate with the company anytime and anywhere "

However, even though many organizations in Thailand are faced with various transformational influences, they are still able to cope and adapt quickly. Many places bring technology to complement. To connect and facilitate communication within the team, maintain the Employee Experience of employees in the organization. Along with taking care of listening to problems and opinions of employees closely. With the development of job potential This is in line with the Quatrix study on Employee Experience Trends for 2020 from 14 countries around the world, which found that Thai employees' commitment to the organization is 72% higher than the global average, ranking second by almost two thirds. (64%) of employees in Thailand believe Listening to opinions It is very important that employers listen to and resolve problems. Therefore, businesses with an employee feedback program achieved an employee engagement score of 77% compared to organizations without a hearing program. Employees are affiliated with 55% that.

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You spend a lot of time thinking about how you can develop new skills and take on other responsibilities. ... When you support employees that want to develop within the company, it becomes ... The worst-case scenario is that someone feels that they are a cog in a ... Help every employee drive the change they want to see.

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Tips to create Employee Experience business cogs Driving...
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