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5 misconceptions that weight loss doesn't work
InläggPostat: 2021-02-06 02:23:52 Svara med citat

Losing body weight is difficult for many. Because no matter how hard I try But the body weight is not going to drop once Until many people are discouraged Want to stop losing weight Today we try to see that. What misunderstandings are there? That makes weight loss ineffective

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1. Only focus on the numbers on the scales

Weight figures, scales Not always Whether you are in good shape or not Because our body consists of muscle and fat, water, bone, etc. So it must be observed that That extra weight Is it muscle weight or fat? If the weight gain is muscle There is nothing to worry about. Because the muscles that increase the shape will be toned Causing more fat to be removed Thus making a beautiful figure in proportion

2. Want to be skinny, have to eat less

Many girls try to eat less. By fasting some meals So that the body gets less energy Until the body does not receive enough energy Causing many negative effects on health It also causes a decrease in energy metabolism in the body. When returning to eat normally Will make it more fat than before How to lose weight that is effective is to refrain from dieting, but reducing eating sweets and snacks to less, just this will help make the weight gradually lose it.

3. Eat more and exercise.

Many people try to lose weight by exercising vigorously. But also eat a lot as well Losing weight with this method is not effective. Because we get too much energy from food Despite trying how hard exercise Still unable to remove excess energy completely However, it will definitely not decrease.

4.Excessive exercise

Exercise is a great aid in losing weight. But overdoing and exercising too hard To lose weight faster Not a good way Because it will cause the body to stress Until the accumulation of fat If you want to lose weight quickly Pay more attention to food Will definitely cause a satisfactory weight loss

5. You must eat clean food only.

Weight loss that requires only clean food May become difficult in life During weight loss We can eat some snacks. But should be eaten in the right amount Eat your own food from time to time Will make losing weight not too stressful

To lose weight that works. It will require patience, gradually changing behavior gradually, overdoing exercise and dieting. It's the wrong way to lose weight. These behaviors should be avoided. Because in addition to making the weight not to lose Also adversely affects the body as well

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InläggPostat: 2021-02-09 11:32:00 Svara med citat

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5 misconceptions that weight loss doesn't work
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