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Apple Smash Facebook Intercept targeted ad firing for users.
InläggPostat: 2021-01-30 02:49:04 Svara med citat

On Jan. 29, foreign news agencies reported. Apple Company The world's biggest smartphone manufacturers Prepare to change the policy of use of the new operating system iOS 14 by early this spring all. That will force manufacturers of various applications Must follow the system to increase transparency for customers, users or App Tracking Transparency can no longer automatically track and collect user information. If the user does not consent

However, from the information that Apple has revealed that People who surf the website or use various applications Probably wondered many สล็อตxo times that Why chat with family Or viewing things of interest Will bring that kind of advertising soon All of these are the effects of the IDFA system or the tracking system for advertising purposes. This will require developers of iOS apps to request permission to track the user's information first. In addition, the app developer will not be able to force users to consent. As before, users have to be obliged to consent to tracking data to be able to use that app to its fullest potential. Ready to allow users to choose what kind of information they want to collect

While Mr. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Previously attacked without mentioning the Facebook name than There are some companies building their businesses by firing specific ads to their users. Which is considered to be almost all the major online social networks In this case, if doing business by misleading users Or bringing user data for a living It makes users seem like they can choose, even though they can't actually choose at all. It's something that doesn't deserve admiration. And believe that allowing any platform to become a source of misinformation Conspiracy theories inevitably create social divisions and violence.

Later the same day US tech media reported that Facebook is preparing a lawsuit against Apple. Alleged that Apple squeezes developers of non-Apple apps such as Facebook. And why do app developers have to follow the new rules? Even though this rule was not written While the AFP news agency asked the company Facebook No confirmation of the lawsuit yet But stated that Apple's actions were considered fair anti-competition. And does not sympathize with the small entrepreneurs who rely on online advertising, Mr. Mark Zuckerberg Facebook owners have said that Apple is a major competitor, but Facebook has generated more than 28 billion US dollars in online advertising revenues in the past quarter, or more than 812 billion baht.

Apple Smash Facebook Intercept targeted ad firing for users.
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