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Everything You Need to Know About Getting a Car Service
InläggPostat: 2021-03-27 06:34:56 Svara med citat

You’re familiar with the term ‘car service’ and what it mostly entails. There are broad categorisations, such as minor service, major service, interim service, etc.
However, petrolheads aside, most people aren’t as familiar with what actually goes on in each service. That’s where our car service guide comes in. Fear not, for it’s fully vetted by your resident car service experts at ServiceMyCar.
We’ve scoured the ends of the internet to choose the most frequently asked questions about car servicing, and what each one offers. Now that the context has been established, let’s get started.

What is a car service?
Essentially, it’s a routine maintenance check that’s scheduled for fixed time intervals, or after your car has run past a certain number of kilometres. Each vehicle comes with specifications on when to do a service.
These specifications come straight from the manufacturer and must be adhered to. A service schedule is created based on the time intervals. Modern cars have smart computers onboard that will send a notification when a service is due, based on the mileage.
The maintenance, in question, typically entails the replacing of fluids and specific parts. A physical inspection is also carried out to check if essential components are functioning correctly.

What are the different types of car service?
Car service comes in three broad categories: basic, full, and major. Different garages may use alternative titles for branding purposes, but the inclusions remain the same. It’s not a matter of confusion since these inclusions work in levels.
This means that each service package includes everything in the level below, with certain additions. Your car requires these additional features after it has crossed a specific mileage. The service prescribed will depend on your mileage and service history.

What is a basic car service?
As the name suggests, a basic service is the entry-level service package. Also referred to as ‘interim’ or ‘minor’, it’s recommended for frequent drivers. It’s designed for cars that cover over 30,000km every year, which means they probably require more than one basic service in a year.
The basic car service typically entails an oil and filter change, and a thorough inspection of the car’s major components, such as tyres, windscreen wipers, and lights. Fluid top-ups and lubrication of other moving parts may also be included.
A basic car service is mostly done every 10,000km or every 6 months, depending on what comes first.

What is a full car service?
A full service acts as an intermediate between a basic service and a major service. It’s designed for drivers that typically clock a low annual mileage, meaning they only have to get one service done every year.
It has a wider set of features and checks, when compared to a basic service. Apart from the oil change, the air filter also gets replaced. Certain fluids are topped up, such as the windscreen washer and the power steering fluid. A comprehensive brake check is carried out as well.
It’s mostly done every 20,000km or 12 months, and is generally recommended for casual drivers who don’t clock a high annual mileage.

What is a major car service?
A major service is the most comprehensive service package that can be availed. It strictly adheres to your manufacturer’s standards, which is why it’s only required every 2 years. A general rule is that if your last annual service was a full service, you’re due for a major service next.
As you might have guessed, it includes everything from a full service, and more. You get an oil change, and your air filter, A/C filter, and spark plugs get replaced. Most, if not all, your car fluids get replaced too. If parts, such as your brake pads, are worn out, they get replaced as well.
Since it’s a heavy-duty operation, it’s only required every 2 years or every 40,000km, whichever comes first. Unless your car has sustained severe damage from an accident or by any other means, a major service is the best way to get it back to ideal performance.

Is it necessary to get a car service?
Getting a car service isn’t like getting an RTA inspection done. It’s not necessarily a legal requirement. However, adhering to your service schedule ensures your car stays at peak performance, and passes any RTA inspection tests.
Some people find car maintenance to be too taxing, and in some cases, expensive as well. If you follow the practices laid out by the car manufacturer, it’s beneficial for the long road. Modern car maintenance services have ensured that car servicing is a hassle-free process while keeping costs down.
At ServiceMyCar, all the service packages come with free collection and delivery. This takes out all the hassle and provides a convenient experience. Each package is also priced at highly competitive rates that beat the prices you would get from agencies.
There are several benefits from getting a routine service done at ServiceMyCar:
Reliability – Your car is a lot more reliable if you adhere to a service schedule, with regular health checks and ideal parts replacement.
Performance – You get the best out of vital components such as the engine, the transmission, and your brakes, with our state-of-the-art 360° health check.
Better value – In general, cars that have a complete service history and proper maintenance get a higher resale value.
Adopting modern technological standards, ServiceMyCar lets you get all your car service done from home, with an online or an app booking method. Ford car owners can use our ford garage dubai and abu dhabi for efficient and quick car service
Don’t delay your next service. Book now on the ServiceMyCar app or website.

Everything You Need to Know About Getting a Car Service
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