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3 benefits of "MSG" that you may not know.
InläggPostat: 2021-03-09 06:51:16 Svara med citat

When to cook homemade meals at home, many people (especially those who are seriously health conscious) absolutely avoid adding MSG to their food. With understanding that MSG is harmful to the body Some say that eating a lot and then hair loss or someone who has MSG allergy is even bigger, but MSG actually has benefits as well. How is MSG good? Let's see.

1.It increases the appetite for the elderly.
Elderly grandchildren began to eat food that was not good Because the taste buds start to function, they are not as sensitive as they were when they were young. As a result, many elderly people began to have anorexia and gradually worsened

The solution is very easy. Just add a little MSG to your food. This will make the elderly more aware of the "umami" or mellow taste of the food. It helps to increase appetite.

2. Helps the stomach And the salivary glands work better
In patients with atrophic gastritis Or the salivary glands do not work well May cause dry saliva And anorexia Adding umami flavor through MSG to food Thus stimulating the appetite for the patient to eat more food You can eat more delicious food.

3. It can help reduce the sodium content in food.
In people who are addicted to salty taste Cook with fish sauce Or a lot of table salt To get the desired taste If you switch to less table salt Then add a little MSG From the research, it was found that the taste was equally delicious. Therefore, adding a little MSG to food Will help us add less table salt Without losing the taste

It can be seen that if adding a small amount of MSG Not doing our health in any way It is also useful in many ways, but you only have to eat a little. And be sure that it is only genuine MSG Anyone who is allergic to MSG must continue to refrain. Anyone who wants to reduce eating salty But when you don't add salt without fish sauce, you feel the food is not tasty. You can also try adding a teaspoon of MSG. I'm comfortable.

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3 benefits of "MSG" that you may not know.
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