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4 prohibitions that Japanese hairdressers should be aware...
InläggPostat: 2021-03-06 07:00:38 Svara med citat

4 prohibitions that Japanese hairdressers should be aware of after coloring their hair

Prohibition No. 1: Soak hair while soaking in the bathtub.
If you have long hair and soak in a bathtub which is about 39-41 degrees Celsius, the heat will keep your newly made color. Fade or fade The temperature that keeps the hair color won't come off easily, is 36 degrees or less. Therefore, if taking a bath with hot water in the bath, it is advisable to tie the hair so that I do not touch the hot water Or if taking a shower, it should not use too high a temperature according to the instructions.

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NO.2: Set the shower temperature to 37 degrees or higher.
As I mentioned in taboo number 1, fresh hair color will easily fade when water temperature is 37 ° C or higher. Even during the very hot summers You should be careful as well. Because the water will have a higher temperature according to the weather The more often you wash your hair, the more fragile your hair is. Be careful with hot water showers. And should choose to use a shampoo that helps maintain hair color as well, it will help to prolong our hair color to look like new for a long time. The recommended shampoo for gray and blonde hair is purple shampoo. There are also pink shampoos and brown shampoos that help keep the hair colored. Therefore, it is advisable that you should find a shampoo that helps maintain your hair and do not wash your hair often, it is best.

Taboo No. 3: Wash your hair with shampoo on the day of coloring.
Use of shampoo should be avoided immediately after dyeing. You should leave your hair at least 24 hours, and if it is best to leave it for 48 hours, many girls who like to wash their hair every day may find it a bit reluctant. But still, try to keep the time as good as possible.

Prohibition No. 4: Let your hair wet without wiping it immediately.
After taking a shower, many people may find themselves feeling refreshed that they don't want to move around and do any activities, even blow-drying. But letting your hair wet for too long can cause it to fade or even damage it. Therefore, I should dry my hair immediately. And should not sleep with my hair still wet

There are 4 taboos that are easy to follow. Which should be careful so that our hair color has just been made to last longer And it will also help maintain the condition of the hair and scalp to be healthy for a long time as well, hopefully it will be useful for many people.

4 prohibitions that Japanese hairdressers should be aware...
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