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"Nat" wield "Toomam" eat rice nets But t
InläggPostat: 2021-01-28 04:22:51 Svara med citat

"Nat" wield "Toomam" eat rice nets But the drama is hot, netizens do not want to be a fan to tell the reason.

Is one of her couples who have chemistry together until the fans Many people can not help. For the pair of young women Nat ดาวน์โหลด slotxo Aniphon and Toomamiyuttana, and recently, both of them also had a shot, nets, brought together to a party. But in his turn comes a light drama When people came and said that they didn't want them both to be a girlfriend

Almost amusing. For the pair of young Toomamiyuttana, the most recently wielding a beautiful girl Nat Aniporn went to eat rice nets. Girls Nat posted a picture of both of them on Instagram @potter_natt with the message saying "Rang Hard rice, expensive mak. Thank you Sam for delicious food. The babysitter is cute. "

So many people came to tease the couple together, such as wanting to be a girlfriend, this cute couple cheer, I think yes, it must be right, hahaha, he sat together and more.

But in this finality, there is a drama when people come to express their opinions and not cheer for this couple and give a hurtful reason that "I don't want to be a girlfriend. Khun Nat can find better than Boom "

It became a point, causing people to reply to such comments. If two people like each other, it's a matter of him.

"Nat" wield "Toomam" eat rice nets But t
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