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Twenty million baht broken jackpot, Dan Ma lottery lottery &
InläggPostat: 2021-01-23 03:05:09 Svara med citat

"Power Ball" jackpot worth more than 20 billion baht after accumulating prize money over the year สล็อตxo The population of the wealthiest people bought from a convenience store in rural Maryland has a population of just over a thousand. As for the shopkeeper Has merit to get almost 3 million baht as a lottery jackpot dealer this time

"Power Ball" jackpot is broken. By on Jan. 21, local time in the United States. Foreign news agencies reported. The big prize of the lottery "Power Ball" that has been accumulated since the period of 16 September 2020 because no one won. The jackpot broke. A lucky person has won a prize. It is worth $ 731.1 million or approximately 21,201 million baht.

Although this event has not yet been presented for the award But the lottery representative "Powerball" revealed that the lottery number 40 53 60 68 69 attached to the powerball 22 was purchased from the Coney Market convenience store in Lona Coning. A small rural town of just 1,200 in the urban Alleghany County, Maryland, has had a high rate of COVID-19 infection. Soaring to the top of the state It is considered the highest jackpot prize since March 2019.

In this regard, the winner can conceal their identity And the lottery will be raised in 182 days.For this jackpot prize, you can choose to receive $ 731.1 million in 30 installments for 29 years or receive a non-taxable lump sum of $ 546.8 million, or approximately. 15,857 million baht, foreign news agencies reported that For the biggest prize in the history of the lottery, "Power Ball" is the draw on January 13, 2016, totaling $ 1,586 million or approximately 45,994 million baht.

Later, Richard Ravenscroft, owner of the Coney Market convenience store, will receive a $ 100,000 prize, or about 2.9 million baht, as a store selling jackpot lottery numbers. Said he was surprised and delighted With congratulations to the winners Can't remember who bought it I want the winners to take advantage of this opportunity and hope to be mindful of spending their money. For the next "Power Ball" lottery prize, the prize will be drawn on January 23, with the jackpot prize reset. Starting again at 20 million dollars or approximately 580 million baht.

Twenty million baht broken jackpot, Dan Ma lottery lottery &
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